The Rathmann Family Foundation seeks to leverage the talents, experience, and passion of its members and the communities in which they live by funding those displaying the desire, skill, and energy to make a difference in the world around them. 


Rangeland Management and Carbon Sequestration for the Environment

Marin Carbon Project and the
Carbon Cycle Institute

STEM Education and the National Laureates for the advancement and promotion of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Education

National Science and Technology Medals Foundation

Joy and George Rathmann Hall of Science for opening young minds to science and technology education

The Franklin Institute

funding guidelines

Since inception, the Foundation has had the great privilege of providing grants to several hundred qualified organizations with programs in the United States and on occasion in other parts of the world. The Foundation regrets it does not have the resources to fund all such qualified organizations. Except for funding opportunities offered through the Rathmann Innovation Center, including the Rathmann Challenge, the Foundation does not accept unsolicited funding inquiries or proposals.